Why You Should Consider Thrift Shopping

Hello my fellow earthlings! What’s new? What’s shaking? How’s it going? All is well here- just so rainy. We are busy planning a few vacations and generally running around trying to get everything done. On Tuesday we talked about how to thrift shop like a boss; a connoisseur of thrift if you will. You mayContinue reading “Why You Should Consider Thrift Shopping”

Thrift Shopping Like A Pro!

Hey there fellow earthlings! Since I missed last week’s post I am going to try to get two posts in this week. I promise that at some point I will post regularly. Pinky promise. I finally got my own computer so I can work on drafts at home instead of trying to do all ofContinue reading “Thrift Shopping Like A Pro!”

Brand Break Down: Old Navy

Hello there fellow earth dwellers! Oh it has been a week. Have you ever had one of those weeks that just perpetually feels like Monday? It’s been one of those weeks. But, I did find out today that I have been accepted into grad school!! I now have a head ache from excitement and justContinue reading “Brand Break Down: Old Navy”

Certifiably Sustainable

5 Certifications to Know About! Hey there fellow earth dwellers! How is everyone- what have you been up to? It has been a busy week in my little piece of the world. Work has been busy busy, I’ve been doing little things for my side business (I bake on the side!), doing yard work, andContinue reading “Certifiably Sustainable”

Ask Before You Buy

Hello fellow earth dwellers! At the onset of this I said I would be posting on Wednesdays…looks like that has turned into Thursday though. My husband has been laughing at me as I get excited over 5 followers, but honestly I wasn’t even expecting one! Thank you for reading and keeping in touch 🙂 IfContinue reading “Ask Before You Buy”

Why Hello There!

Hello fellow earth dwellers! And Happy Earth Day- this seemed like the most appropriate day to make my first post. I have been busy these last few months working on our home compost style, trying new products, and of course buying clothing so that I will have plenty to discuss. I can’t wait for youContinue reading “Why Hello There!”

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